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I’m vibrating with excitement. This week I’ve had a HUGE breakthrough. No matter what comes of it, this moment is one for me to remember forever! I had been set in my ways for so long, but thankfully a few beautiful women stayed on me and gave me a few good nudges in the opposite direction (thank you Darralynn, Nina & Chipo)! Actually, they gave me a few upper cuts of encouragement, empowerment and an occasional reality check.

I wish I could say that I am trained to have breakthroughs on my own. I guess I have had a few, but it’s like having a personal trainer. When I am working out with a trainer I work much harder. When I have accountability partners I am pushed to new heights. Well the work I’ve been doing from the last few months has begun to pay off.

One of the things I have hated is cold calling. As an entrepreneur it’s just something I have to do. I used to defer it to my business partner, but now it’s something I HAVE to do. Seasoned sales people with tell you that it’s just part of the game. Some even love the excitement of the possibilities on the other side of that phone. Me? All I could think about was the rejection.

I had a coaching call with a friend today.  I told him that he was already projecting failure before he had reached the starting line. I guess I was really talking to myself!  The funny thing about knowledge is that you can have  a lot of it and do nothing with it.  I won’t spend a lot of time pondering why I’ve spent so much time spinning my wheels. I’ll acknowledge it, shake my head at the wasted time and use my new knowledge to create more breakthroughs.


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