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Do Something!

Last night I watched part one of Oprah’s farewell celebration. As her celebrity guests recounted her accolades over her 25 years with The Oprah Winfrey Show, they also shared some amazing work being done in her name by corporations like Target. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen the episode yet.  What struck me as I watched, was how one woman did so much by just doing something.

I’m not sure Oprah saw her 25th anniversary celebration in her future when she went on her first meetings about hosting the show. I’d venture a guess that it was a gradual evolution of the woman we see today. I think sometimes people get caught up in the “how” of making a difference. They know they want to make a change in their personal lives or in the world, but they get paralyzed in the process of  executing the action steps.

I know of what I speak, because I used to live in action step paralysis land. I resided there as recently as yesterday. What I fail to realize when I get caught up in my fears and insecurities, is that I am blocking someone else’s blessings. I believe each of us was put on this planet for a purpose.  I realize that if I just do something, something in pursuit of my passion and my vision – I might align with someone who is desperately looking for me and the work that I do.

In the clips that were played back, a little boy was desperately asking for something. Thank goodness he got what he was asking for…lots of it. The thing is that Oprah didn’t give it to the boy. By virtue of her being who she is and doing the work she does, this little boy got just what he wanted and needed.

Sometimes it’s not about what we do, sometimes it’s what others do because of the impact we have on them.

So even if you can only do a little bit, do something.


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